Sonora Agropecuaria, S.A. de C.V.


SASA is a subsidiary company of Bachoco dedicated to the industrialization and commercialization of pork. Since 1975, it has become one of the main pork producers in Mexico and thanks to the quality of its products, SASA reaches the United States, Japan, China, Republic of Congo, Korea, Ivory Coast, Singapore and Vietnam.

In 2020 SASA joins Industrias Bachoco, a leading company in the poultry industry in Mexico and one of the ten largest poultry companies in the world. Its main lines of business: chicken, eggs, balanced feed, pork, and value-added turkey and beef products.


TIF We have two plants, one in Sonora and one in Jalisco

Processes: Slaughter, cutting, portioning, added value, yield plant.

Official approvals: Plants approved by the United States, Japan, South Korea and other countries.

HACCP plan implemented in all processes.

Plant Sonora

Plant Jalisco

Private Certifications

SQF Level III on both plants.

Corporate Philosophy

Our mission

Always offer fresh, nutritious, tasty and healthy products, increasing the nutritional quality of the consumer.

Our vision

To be the most important multi-protein food company in Mexico and internationally focused on the nutrition of the population and on providing superior service to our customers based on quality, sustainability and excellence in everything we do.

Our values

Integrity. I act with integrity so that my behavior earns respect, inside and outside the company.

Confidence. I am trustworthy, since my actions and my words fulfill the commitments that I assume.

Common benefit. My actions put the common good above the needs of the individual.

Austerity. I protect the company's assets and resources by avoiding unnecessary consumption or waste.

Innovation. I strive to develop and promote innovative business alternatives and procedures to respond to the needs of my internal and external clients.

Efficiency. I achieve efficiency by generating and promoting results that make the most of the company's resources and equal or exceed those expected of my co-workers.

Service. I serve by providing timely and effective attention to our internal and external clients.

Raw material supply.

· 600.000 pigs annually.
· Pigs Sonora, Jalisco, Michoacan, Guanajuato and other states.
· Pigs produced under strict safety and quality protocol.







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